Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi to all of you! I thought I'd forward you this email I sent to Ry a couple weeks after we moved in to our new house. It sort of lets you know what we're up to and also why I am so bad at staying in touch. I know some of you can relate ... and some of you will shake your heads ... but from our new (old) house in Hurricane if you listen closely enough you'll hear our little voices shouting "Hi!" to all of you! It feels like home which is so very nice. We hope you all will come visit us anytime you are able, and thanks for all your love and friendship (I promise it won't be this hectic when you come -- okay I can't promise that but at least we'll try to keep it to a low roar :)

Rachel Jessop

Begin forwarded message:

> > Well, we got through the morning with family time (reading about the
> > exodus), boys and Mercy off to school, we finally got one toilet
> > working but the other royal throne is still out of order, no time to
> > go get a plunger though so we close the door and I go in to shower,
> > remember I have a guy coming to give us a bid on insulation so I
> > don't get in the shower, no time. Insulation guy knocks on the door
> > as I'm still pulling on my pants so I walk him through the house and
> > show him the three doors to access the attic walk around outside and
> > see if there is anyway we can access the top part of the attic (no
> > unless we drill a hole and snake a hose up to blow some insulation
> > in), he leaves, I get the rest of the tags pulled off my jeans (new
> > MOM pants complete with high waist but at least no elastic waist
> > band!) walk out to get some grapes for the kids off the vines
> > growing along the backfence, spend 15 minutes clipping back the
> > grapes because they really are getting out of control and filling a
> > big bowl full of the grapes and then Kelly and Sheila Dutton show up
> > to fix the dishwasher. Surprise! We have SUCH fabulous neighbors
> > but I had NO idea they were coming. Still haven't got in the shower
> > or brushed my teeth. They are here a few minutes and the landscape
> > guy shows up (I thought he was coming NEXT friday!) to bid the
> > synthetic grass (can you say PRICEY but NICEY!) So I'm trying to
> > call you so you can talk to Kelly and tell him what's up with the
> > dishwasher, hold Jonnie who cried if I put him down, get the kids
> > grapes washed, be chatty with Sheila, answer the door and explain
> > what I want to the landscape guy, keep the kids out of the water
> > I've turned on to water my fruit trees and still I haven't combed my
> > hair. Meanwhile I get the garbage emptied before it overflows, which
> > leaves a trail of ?milk? spilled which Sheila points out. Jonnie
> > still has a messy shirt on from the breakfast I fed him earlier and
> > has now pooped his duds so I change Jonnie, pull of his shirt, and
> > try to get him distracted so I can clean up the spilt milk. About
> > now would be the right time for Lina to go to school since it's
> > early day Friday -- but I am not remembering this and therefore she
> > is not on her way to school. Well, Kelly needs to go downstairs
> > which leaves Sheila with nothing to do in between him yelling up to
> > her to flip the breakers on and off so she is being chatty again,
> > but I can't chat because the landscape guy wants me to sit down and
> > go over the bid with him. So we sit on the porch which has a pile of
> > stuff left in the corner because I swept it up this morning but
> > didn't get it into a dustpan before everyone started showing up.
> > Daisy and Braelin are in the side yard yelling at each other because
> > why??? I don't know. I apologize for the yelling, tell them to be
> > quiet, set Jonnie down on the porch to play and listen to the
> > landscape guy tell us that it will cost us a fortune and so we
> > should do rocks instead, freak out because I have seven kids, and
> > then again say, yes lets do big rocks and mulch and a little bit of
> > grass. Okay - but now Jonnie is crawling down the front steps and so
> > the other landscape guy is trying to catch him for me before he
> > falls and so I've got to get him. The landscape guys leave so I go
> > back in to Sheila and Kelly and try to wash a few more grapes to
> > send home with them. Before I can wash any more grapes I've got to
> > find a handtowel that is clean and some countertop space that is
> > cleared off to put them on. ( Oh a lovely dishwasher will be so
> > nice!) So I start putting away the dishes that Tali washed last
> > night under threat of missing school and clear off enough
> > counterspace to wash the grapes (I don't have much counterspace to
> > begin with!) after I find a clean handtowel. Later I realize the
> > handtowels were in the right drawer all along, I was just looking in
> > the wrong drawer. So I still don't have my hair combed, my teeth
> > brushed, nor have I taken a shower, but I do have a presentable
> > outfit on at least. I sweep up the piles in the house and on the
> > porch and put up the baby gates so Jonnie doesn't crawl off the
> > porch or up the stairs again, and Kelly gets the dishwasher working
> > as I try to put away the oatmeal the kids left out on the counter,
> > and generally spruce up the rest of the kitchen. Fabulous!! I am so
> > excited the dishwasher is working!! Awesome, way cool! But Jonnie is
> > fussy because he needs a bottle and I really need to get that made,
> > so I do while they tuck the dishwasher back away and then I get
> > Jonnie in the stroller sleeping while Kelly cleans up his tools and
> > give Sheila the grapes and tell them thank you so much and turn
> > around to get Carolina some lunch after they walk out the door. But
> > I get distracted because Daisy is upset that she doesn't get to do
> > what Carolina is doing and is being tormentuous now (is that a word?
> > It describes her sometimes!), and Jonnie just got woken up by Brae,
> > but I've got to get the food in the oven for long enough to get it
> > warm before we head out the door and I'm running out of time and I
> > really need a drink so I rinse out the pitcher and get some fresh
> > water and lemons and ice in it since the water from the tap is
> > probably 70 degrees. So, finally we heat the corndogs for about 15
> > minutes to little of time before we REALLY need to go because
> > Carolina is already supposed to be at school so we throw everyone in
> > the van and I look at the gas guage and it's a good thing the school
> > is just a short distance away because I can only drive 8 more miles
> > -- ooops now it's seven. So we get to school and I drop Carolina off
> > and come home but the rocks are so hot that Braelin needs to be
> > carried but I can't carry him and Jonnie and the uneaten corndogs we
> > need to finish cooking and so he starts walking on the hot rocks
> > anyway and sits down and screams in the driveway until I come get
> > him while Daisy is NOT getting out of the van but has jumped up to
> > the front seats and started rifling through everything including the
> > pocketknife case WHY is there a knife case in the van and where did
> > it come from I have no idea, but anyway the pocketknife case (which
> > she already KNOWS is a knife case because when it is empty she says
> > "Where is the knife that goes in here?" And I say - gone because
> > you are getting into stuff you aren't supposed to now get out of the
> > van, but she doesn't have shoes on either because we hurried when we
> > left and so I am carrying both of them into the house and hoping
> > that Jonnie didn't make it anywhere he shouldn't be yet -- and
> > hoping that he isn't eating the two cockroaches that I noticed in
> > front of the washer dying in the soap that got spilled and so now we
> > are all in the house and I get Jonnie away from the laundry area
> > (gotta call the pest control people back again I guess) and throw
> > the corndogs back into the oven but miss on one of them and it
> > bounces off the sheet pan and gets stuck and the back of the oven
> > burning but I don't realize this until I can smell it of course. By
> > then we are already untangling Daisy and Braelin again who are
> > fighting about anything and nothing all at once. Finally we get all
> > the kids out on the porch and I've grabbed the rest of the food for
> > the baby and the now warm corndogs including the one I fished from
> > the back of the oven and given them to Daisy and Brae and promise
> > we'll put together their cardboard playhouse I bought yesterday at
> > Costco as soon as I feed Jonnie (who still doesn't have a clean
> > shirt on but who cares if he is naked except a pair of shorts right?
> > At least I dug the boogers out of his nose even though he screamed
> > at me for doing it.) Okay - so now Jonnie is fed and the baby gate
> > is up and the fans are whirling and I have gotten the house put
> > together and Daisy keeps on saying "I LOVE IT!" (Best $20 I've spent
> > for a long time!) and she is so excited that I let her call you.
> > Meanwhile, Braelin is being a typical boy and decides --doors???
> > What are those for? I'd rather keep going in and out of the
> > windows, so he does. Pretty soon I see a bike zoom down the street
> > with an elementary school kid on it and think -- what???? Why are
> > there kids coming home so early? AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! it is early
> > Friday and I forgot to take Carolina EARLY! No wonder there weren't
> > any other mom's dropping their kindergarteners off at school while I
> > was there! I just thought I was a little late! So the kids come home
> > and they are all happy
> > except for Tyler who saw the burnt corndog stick and is crying
> > because he can't eat a corndog for snack instead of grapes and
> > carrots and crackers and we are all looking forward to seeing you on
> > Sunday for a couple days :)
> >
> > Lots of love,
> >
> > Rachel
> >
> > PS ... Mercy says please bring her bike! PSS ... Please work on
> > your resume so we can start finding you a job down here!! Love you!
> > Rachel
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