Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Who is your family?
Who is my family?

Are family the ones you share a past with? or those you share a future with?

Are family the ones who see you through thick and thin? or the ones who don't see you often enough to know whether you're thick or thin?

Are family the friends who know your family "skeletons" and love you anyway? or are skeletons the family and your friends just your friends?

Is family created through friendship and love? or is family created through birth and blood?
Are family ties the ones that hold you together? or are family ties the shoelaces that won't stay tied?

Is family found along the path of life? A sister here, a brother there, as though you knew them all along? Or are they the ones who turn you around to realize your family is behind you, and your paths in life will always be connected?

Is a sibling the one who understands all your fears, shares your laughter, and tears, and is there by your side? or is a sibling just a sibling, because they are, they always will be. And whether fears and tears come, whether there's laughter or song, they are your brother, your sister, and they're there all along?

How much do you miss them? And do they miss you? Do you know what you're missing? And do they know you? Does it matter at all, they don't know your kids name? Just as long as the blood runs through both of your veins?

If the invitations to party, to play, and to come, come seldom, if ever, does that change the name? Are the invites what matters, though from friends they surround? If the invites don't matter, do they want you around?

If acceptance is futile, is sporadic, or nil - if acceptance is vital, will friendship be there still? If family is accepting, does it erase all that's ill? Correct all that's missing? or is it a need you yourself can fill?

Family is six letters. Six letters, and yet, they're the best part of life, or - have you even met?

We say "reconnect" but whence does it come? If love was always on the tip of your tongue, is it really re= connecting, if it was there all along?

Random thoughts and minds musings have nothing but fluff. 
So I'll go back to sleep now, I think I've thunk, enough.
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