Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fave

It's Friday, and I decided that I would post one of my favorite pics from each week on Friday. Now, the picture I wish I had to post, is one from last night. You see, we went to the county fair, and the kids all entered the ice cream eating contest.  Anyone who knows Ryan and I should not be surprised to hear that four of the kids won either first or second place in their age group on how fast they could down a bunch of ice cream.  Even little sweet, innocent Carolina -  my dainty princess - shoved those ice cream sandwiches in her mouth as fast as possible, and with ice cream dripping all over her face and hands, she stood up and won first place.

But alas, I forgot to grab my camera as we walked out the door. So... here is my Fave Friday pic.

It's of the monument at Mountain Meadows here in Southern Utah.  Not the most pleasant event to remember... but the field trip out there was a neat experience and I love that the feeling of the place came across in the photo.


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