Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Originally posted February 4, 2009
Christmas morning, best friends.

Have you ever imagined life without friends?  I told you this blog was partly to answer the question “how do I do it?”  I can tell you - the only way my family has made it through the past two months is because of help and love and support from friends.  So this post is a tribute to them.  Thought it seems woefully inadequate for what we feel in our hearts -- Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am humbled by the love and friendship you have all given me in so many ways, and by the grace of God that I have so many friends when I feel so undeserving.
To Alina and Ellen, for rescuing my house, taking such a tremendous load off of Ryan, and helping me laugh. 
To Rich, for giving Ryan a much needed break.
To Nan, for loving me and caring. 
To Joe, for being the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. 
To Vicki, for taking me to the sunshine, and reaching out to me with so much understanding.  
To her kids and family, for letting her and Alina leave for so long!
To Becky, for letting me get some much needed naps!
To Cicile, for the VERY well timed treat of pizza for dinner!
To Valena, for caring and understanding. 
To Sil, for giving me a hug and reminding me sometimes a mother’s love doesn’t always have to come from my mom.
To Vana, for sending hope along with the sweet letter.
To Carmen, for stopping by and asking questions, and for your sweet concern. Thanks.
To Danielle, for calling to see if I was okay, and calling again when I didn’t answer the phone. 
To Val, for not freaking out when I was freaking out.
To Natalie, for being a friend without needing to understand.
To Laura, for babysitting and being so willing to. 
To Mercy, for smiling and being my right hand.
To Taliesin, for rocking Jonnie and taking care of Brae.
To Tyler, for missing me.
To Valena, for letting your girls come help clean the house.
To Grandma Nancy, for the blanket of love and sweet note.
To Jill for taking over the regional presentation - and for helping me talk through my fears. 
To Shauna, for picking up what I had to drop, and not making me feel bad for it.   
To Laura and Heather for picking up the pieces of my team.
To Rebecca, AnnMaree, Tina, Susan, Heather, Laura, Shauna, Bobbi, Valena, and everyone else, who have emailed your love and support.
And to all of your families too!
And last but not least, to Ryan.  Thank you for not leaving me alone, for holding me when I cried, and for helping me take it one day at a time.  You’ve been amazing.

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