Wednesday, September 8, 2010

White Day

If you've ever been to our house before and taken a tour through the basement, you know already that it wasn't pretty.  It has been beat up for nearly a century, rooms built, then torn apart, projects started, never finished, half the walls are covered in plaster, the other half have layers of peeling paint.  It's generally a mess!

When we moved in, I painted over the worst parts, but the big playroom downstairs was more than I knew what do to with or had money to fix up.  Well finally, we are ready to paint the walls and stain and seal the cement floor.  But first - we have to paint the ceiling.

I picked up a gallon of paint last week, and decided today is the day.  I'll get it done.  I park the boys in front of "Nemo", get Tyler doing his schoolwork, and Daisy follows me downstairs and begins to sing me all the "Color Songs" she's been learning in kindergarten.  She starts telling me that today is "White Day" and gets pretty excited when she realizes that I'm painting white paint on White Day.  "Yay!", I say.  "I love white too!" She walks out of the room and I'm painting away, looking straight up as I do since my pole is short and my ceilings are high.

Daisy Delicious Horsey Jessop - or at least that's what SHE says her name is!
10 seconds after she walks out of the room my paint pole snaps and the roller falls straight on my face.  And yes, my mouth was open.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I was doing a little of both as she walked back in the room a minute later and sees me trying to spit the paint out of my mouth. 

"Mom?" she asks.
"Yes," I say. 
"Did you dip your face in the paint?"
"Nope," I reply. 
"Oh. Well you have white paint all over your face," she says. 
"Yes dear.  Thanks for letting me know."

Well, it is White Day. But I'm pretty sure I'd rather find another way to celebrate.

I'll post some pics of the basement when we're done :) 


  1. Rachel, you definitely do have a talent for painting with words. Words--what would we do without them? You did such a good job of describing your "White Paint Moment" that I was almost looking for a real picture of you with paint all over your face and spitting out of your mouth. (lol) I got a kick out of reading this and will be looking forward to more of your "Life" pictures. Have fun with it!

  2. White Day...made me Laugh Out Loud!!

  3. Aunt Dawn -- thanks so much! Dad used to always say "now let me paint you a picture" and he meant with his words. So that is a huge compliment to me for you to say that. :) BTW... I'm looking forward to your next visit.

    Rosie -- Laughing is good for the soul. And so are friends. Glad you're mine! Love ya!


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