Friday, October 22, 2010

Cake Boss

Ry's been out of town for most of the past month. And when he's gone, I'm not really myself. Or maybe I'm my true self... hmmm.  Either way -- I have let stress take over my life and heart and I have not been ready yet to sit down and do some introspection and sort out my heart and mind.  Instead, I've watched both seasons of Cake Boss on Netflix.  Yes, every episode. Pretty interesting show - although I am a bit of a baking addict already -- he definitely has some stuff I'm going to try.

I have done a couple good things though.  I went through the kitchen, dining, and family room and deep cleaned and dusted. A chore long overdue.  We weren't sure if I had a grey fan or a white fan in the kitchen! (It's white again. Yay!)

Well -- that's my boring blog post for the day. Someday soon I'll get back into a good blogging mood. Maybe it will be the same day I want to pick up my camera again :) 

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