Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snakes and Updates

Picture this.  I have a nice long sleep, finally, and get up to go take a nice hot shower.  Still a little sleepy, I reach in the shower to turn on the water so it can run for a minute and get hot before I get in.  But instead, just as I touch it, I also see out of the corner of my eye that there is a brownish, creepy looking thing coiled around it.

A snake.

I'll leave you to imagine what I did next.

My son Tyler is the sweetest kid. Good natured and funny, loves to make people smile. And scream too, apparently.

Now, it is no secret that I have many fears or phobias. Heights, we've already discussed here on this blog. Compared to my fear of snakes... heights are a piece of cake!

(Why do I get the feeling Shauna Rose and Kris are laughing right about now as they remember scaring me to pieces with the whole innocent sounding "Rachel, what should I do with this?" mouse incident?)

Luckily for me -- or should I say, luckily for him -- it was a fake, rubber snake he bought for Jonnie the other day.  Of course, his brother had to buy it for him, since I won't buy a toy snake.  Or look at snakes in books.  I look at the ceiling the whole time the kids drag me through the reptile house at the zoo. The whole snake pit part of the new "True Grit" movie was just way more than I could handle and my anxiety levels went through the roof as I sat there shaking and crying. Again.  I know -- I'm a freak.

So, here is a picture of Jonnie with his rescued snake... and a few more updates.  You can tell I haven't taken many pictures over the last few months, luckily someone has grabbed my camera and taken a few. And sadly, have posted even fewer.



Girls at Halloween... you read about their costumes already.

 Amanda and Laura tackled giving the boys haircuts. First time for both of them... the boys were less than thrilled to be their victims. I was thrilled that finally the boys hair was getting cut!

Can you tell how thrilled he is?

 I think they turned out pretty well though, especially since neither of the girls had cut hair before :)

 Taliesin was less than thrilled with his haircut.... but that's par for the course. He never likes ANY haircut.
 And here is my little snake culprit with his best friend and sister, Miss Carolina.
Tyler also bought Jonnie this new teddy bear.  What a sweetie!

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