Monday, March 28, 2011

The best picture...

One street down from where we live is a dead end road circled in pomegranate bushes, and at the end of that road a walking trail begins.  It winds along the old canal and then turns into a small canyon where in the rainy season, there are three small waterfalls.  These are the namesake for Three Falls Elementary that my kids attend, and it is a favorite hike for my kids anytime they have guests down to visit. There are multiple caves along the canyon walls, and Taliesin's last scout camp used some of them for sleeping in last time they camped out.

Yesterday while the weather was beautiful we went on a family hike up the canyon, and while there are many good pictures that could have taken, my favorite was one of Ryan kneeling on one knee by his daughter with a small scrape on her knee, making sure she was okay and giving her a kiss on her forehead.  Too bad I didn't bring my camera.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to have Ryan home for a couple weeks. To see his face and feel his touch and hear him singing has been truly a much needed comfort to my soul.

I love you Ry.  Thanks for loving me.

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