Monday, March 28, 2011

Twas the Last Sunday Night...

Ha.  I forgot I twittered this little poem so long ago.  I am looking forward more beautiful Southern Utah weather this year!!

The children are nestled all over the porch,
while visions of ice cream dance in their heads.

The baby is crying again for his bottle,
or maybe it's nightmares of Brae holding him in a throttle.

Mercy is eating peaches and cream,
she's adjusting pretty well to school, it seems.

Momma is ready for some quiet tonight,
the kids have been good but she's glad it's GOODNIGHT!

We're all missing Papa, he's jolly and merry
but his belly doesn't shake like a bowlful of jelly.

With great anticipation we are all awaiting
the next time Papa gets some needed vacation.

Come Friday the 4th, what will we hear?
A big blue Ford - sometimes used as a hotel.

And what to our wondering eyes shall appear?
Papa himself and his laugh and good cheer.

And so now you know what the Jessops are doing
down Hurricane way where a storm has been brewing.

On the last Sunday night before Daddy comes home
to see his Sweet Peppers and Mama Bear again. 

The End.

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