Friday, July 15, 2011

Things I Like About Me

On twitter today, a fellow tweeter posted a link that led me to another link that led me to another link.... you get the picture. Bottom line, I ended up reading a post that challenged others to write a list of things they like about themselves, to recognize the good in yourself and your life, and to realize that you are enough. It's so easy to feel like we aren't good enough, we aren't good enough mothers, we aren't good enough at keeping the house clean, we aren't good enough at ________ (fill in the blank.)   She challenged us to just be enough, and to write the list.

Two years ago, this would have been impossible for me to write. In fact, I remember being at a dinner party with friends and being asked what I was proud of. I was at such a low point struggling with postpartum depression that I couldn't answer. I couldn't verbalize anything that was good about me.

Now I can. I'm proud of it. I'm glad for it. I'm grateful for those who have helped me and encouraged me and taught me to start believing in myself as being good and capable again.

So, here's my list.  I'd love to see yours.

1. I see opportunities.
2. I am capable.
3. I am honest.
4. I care.
5. I love.
6. I laugh.
7. I learn quickly.
8. I am great at giving "under-doggies" when I push my kids on the swing.
9. I know how to shine my sink.
10. I can be meticulous and detailed when I need to be.
11. I understand the difference of when I don't need to be.
12. I can let my kids get themselves dressed, with their pants on backwards, and not be embarrassed about it at the supermarket.
13. I am a great teacher.
14. I am giving.
15. I am a great cook.
16. I make excellent Homemade Hostess Layered Cake.
17. I am a good wife.
18. I sing to my children.
19. I love to help others.
20. I have raised children that love to read and learn.
#41. I sometimes take good pictures.
21. I can forgive.
22. I am willing to help others, even at my expense.
23. I am protective of my children when I ought to be and can still let them learn independently and experience life when they have the opportunity.
24. I make amazing banana bread, though I have to acknowledge Ry's sister Barb for showing me how.
25. I have learned, have grown, and will continue to - even when it hurts.
26. I am not the same person I as ten years ago. I am wiser. I am more willing to look at myself.
27. Even if I have not always succeeded, I have always tried.
28. I allow myself to heal. I actively work to understand and let go of things that hurt.
29. I actively work to solve problems.
30. I love my Father in Heaven and know that He lives, that Jesus loves me, and that he hears my prayers. I know this, even when times are rough, when things aren't going my way. 

Ryan called in the middle of me writing this post and asked if he could help. I said yes, so the rest of this list is from Ry about me...

31. I smell good.
32. I have awesome kids.
33. Everyone can trust me.
34. I'm cute.
35. I make yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.
36. I make yummy pancakes.
37. I am awesome at selling books.
38. He likes it when I play the piano.
39. I make him laugh.
40. I help him smile.

He said he could keep on adding to this list of why he likes me, but that it would take the rest of the night.

I love that man!

So, what is something you like about you?


  1. 1. I am strong. Not in the physical sense but in the mental and emotional sense. If there is something that needs to be done, I can pull myself together even when it hurts and get it done.
    2. I am passionate about my dreams.
    3. I am capable.
    4. I can do anything I set my mind to and I will do it well.
    5. I am a great wife.
    Those are a few things I like about myself :)

  2. Plus, Rachel:
    -You are authentic and genuine
    -You love to share information and experiences that you feel may assist others
    -You acknowledge people
    -You lift others up
    -You stick with it
    -You can see the whole picture of something and improve it
    -You are welcoming & giving
    etc etc etc
    Love ya!

  3. That is a wonderful sound like an amazing woman!
    Found you through the Things I Like About Me meme.

  4. Love, love, love this list. My favorite: "Even if I have not always succeeded, I have always tried." SO important!! Thank you so much for participating!!

  5. Julianne -- You have such a fabulous "can do" attitude. You're awesome!

    Natalie -- you're making me cry. Thank you. You've been such a wonderful friend to me over the years and I don't ever feel like I've let you know enough how much you mean to me.

    Jen -- Thanks!! You are too sweet.

    Elena -- Thank you! It was fun to do, and felt good too. Thanks for putting it out there for us.


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